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What is

The is a fun entertainment platform. It is a place to play games, bet and gamble. Gamers can try their chance on daily lotteries and win lucky draws. By nature, everything runs on the website is blockchain based and runs completely transparent, automatic without human interference and totally fair. The main purpose of is to accommodate a place that visitors can have good time.

Where was Babylonia?

Babylon 1906 painting
Babylonia was a glorious state found about 4000 years ago. It was located at the southeast of old Persia. At its heart, the city of Babylon became a city of beautiful and lavish buildings after a few centuries. The king of Babylon, Hammurabi, turned it into a rich, powerful and influential city. He created one of the world’s earliest and most complete written legal codes. Known as the Code of Hammurabi, it helped Babylon surpass other cities in the region. Babylon was the largest city in the world, the first city to reach a population above 200,000.

Who are we?

I am Architect, me and my friend Bamzi started this after we have been scammed by a so called #DeFi #YieldFarming platform. We had so many plans in mind, and also hurt by deceive and dark intentions of people with talent, so-called developers and programmers to con people, the community that are mostly less informed and most vulnerable. We said, “why are we not making a platform? It doesn't seem hard!!”, And I said “we make it right, we bring games, we provide real use cases, we offer transparency and honesty. Also, we make lots of money!”. So, we started gathering information and teaming up with professionals.
Unfortunately, Bamzi left the team on January 2022, fortunately for me, my dear friend, Dr. ALMA joint the team as the CMO, investor, and co-founder of the project.
What you see here is the result of daily hard work of people who spend their time and energy, and own money, to pursue their passion, bring real use case to the crypto and give respect and transparency to community. We try to run things better and at the end of the day make an honest earning.
All of us have daily jobs, like you maybe, having family and love ones, and in our spare time work on We do not want to get rich out of misery of others, like some people in this crypto-verse. I am not intended to create and mint tokens that are based on nothing more than polluted city air and some empty promises and lots of fancy lab lab lab in the white paper.
In we are as transparent as it gets in a business, and we try that nobody gets out of this hurt or unhappy. Sharing the earnings and wealth with everyone and seeking the win-win conditions is always our goal.
We are open to criticize, and we listen to people, investors, and gamers. I will not ban you from the chatroom or the website if you tell me “fuck you and this sucks, you are a fraud!”, I will answer what happened? What went wrong? We reason with you, unless your intention is to troll and hurt the platform without a positive construction.
Soon after we get established, register the company in a crypto-friendly land, we will go with full public identification. Just give us a few months until we get things right, complete our team and get a permanent location. I thank you in advance for being with us. Have Fun!

Babylonia Constitution

The wealth and profits must be distributed fairly. The total net profits of the can not be exceeded more than 5% of revenues after the taxes and calculated costs. That means simply, 95% of generated revenue must be returned to the players and users directly or indirectly in the form of consolidation of price or platform.
The performance and characteristics of the platform must be judged and weighed according to the actions, not upon the words and promises. Honesty and being transparent has the highest value. That means every change, update, delay and failure must be announced and discussed with the citizens and community immediately.
The constant improvement and optimization is the path to go forward. Babylonian does not afraid of making changes, it is understood that mistakes can be made, but important is to fix the errors from the lessons learned. Also, compensation must be made to whom who hurt or lost. We go forward together and leave no one behind. We live in Babylonia to enjoy, have fun and make money. The main Babylonian religion is love. The states must be designed and run to fulfil the purpose which giving love and making everyone happy.
Babylonia is a private entity, the government is autonomous and runs on démarche. The power of capital and will of citizens must be calculated fairly. The power will not be inherited to families and friends unless to be proved worthy by design, but it is not recommended. The opinion of leadership and vote of people must be respected even if it is seemed to be wrong.

Is just another clone?

Cloned goats
The short answer is no. We try to be innovating and bring new staff all the time to the market. However, we are just a few enthusiasts getting together to run the project and our budget and capabilities are limited. Therefore, we try to maximize what we can obtain from the free and public contents on the internet. Anything goes, from GitHub to Turbosquid. While utilizing accessible and loyalty free content, we are totally against using intellectual property of others without their permission and contest. We respect the hard work and effort of any individual or entities, so what is being published or used on the platform is going through complete scrutiny to maintain fairness and rights of original authors, creators and developers.

Can be cloned?

Cloning chamber
Yes but partially. The appearance and business model and functions can be copied, but it would consider as intellectual property theft. However, we believe the soul of our running system will not be clonable. We are intended in the running a fair and transparent gaming and gambling platform while paying complete attention to the players, visitors and gamers. We focus on a fair distribution of profits while keeping all parties satisfied and entertained. In short, good deeds and strong roots and clear conscience. The body can be cloned, but not what is inside your heart.
Most of our GitHub repositories are private, we will make them public once everything is established, and we accommodate stable revenues.

Updated 12.November.22
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