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We believe communication is always about humans being a unique creation. In a world of explosively growing information flows, we need guides and points of focus. As creators of online and offline lottery and board games, we, together with our future partners, search for authentic relationships and unique products. We are convinced that the right audience in a relevant, credible and distinctive way and help realize ambitions.
So, contact us, we are happy to hear about your offered products and services. However, we are just a very young team of enthusiasts, gathered to together, put our time, skills, and money developing this platform. We do not have a big budget to spend on very ambitious marketing and promotional campaigns at the moment, just bear with us until we can stand on our feet.

Join us!

We are not hiring, but we're looking for participation and cooperation.
If you are a:
  1. 1.
    game programmer,
  2. 2.
    digital graphic & 3D designer,
  3. 3.
    web developer & front-end back-end,
  4. 4.
    blockchain developer & smart-contract programmer,
  5. 5.
    just someone with mixed skills and talents and have some free time,
In advance apologies! We are a new team, running on very low-budget, we can not afford to pay for your skills, talent, and time completely for now. Bear with us until we get things running. Later on, after things got going, our developer teams can get paid adequately from the earnings of the platform.

Invest in the project

We are looking for serious investors. This is an ambitious, well-planned project that requires care, time, and money to grow. If you are interested in our gaming platform on the blockchain, but does not have lots of confident, you may want to buy our main token Babylonia Token (BABY) which will be available shortly through the Crowdsale #1 & #2. Baby has a well-designed tokenomics, controlled reasonable expansion and tons of uses, we are very optimistic that its value appreciates massively in short and long-term. If you have more than $10k, can not wait until the Crowdsale #1 of BABY token in Q2 of 2022, and finally do not want to miss the early-bird opportunity, you may need to contact us directly through the medians, with title of Early-Bird investor. We require some extra help badly at this stage of project development, we appreciate your help and will reward your investment adequately.
Crypto winter of 2022 & 2023 affected us too, we keep developing the project but at slower pace.

Buy us a coffee ☕ or a beer 🍺

We appreciate you get this far, making some clicks, getting to this section. Yes! We need support and help to develop this platform. Our goal is to make a transparent, honest, fun platform that everyone enjoy it, have fun and may make some money. So, how about buy us a beer or coffee? If you made a large donation by mistake, contact us, and we will return your money 😅! Never mind, that may break our heart temporarily 😢.
Donation wallet ERC20 BEP20 : 0xdbe29149E5E8752F438D37eDa188Dfec1E723AA2
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