We will publish our daily, weekly and monthly updates. It is very important for investors, users and players to know what exactly we're doing, how or on what we spend time and money.

08.05.23 - We are still struggling to continue funding the project, we are waiting for better market conditions.

30.04.23 - The liquidity deployment has been delayed, we are hoping to relaunch the project in May.

04.04.23 – We are still waiting for some favorable market pull back to deploy the liquidity, sorry for delays.

21.03.23 – The updates on the main page has been deployed.

15.03.23 – The team is working on some of the main page updates, soon will be deployed.

08.03.23 – The $BABY-$BNB liquidity will be allocated during 3rd week of March.

06.03.23 – The airdrop has been completed --> bscscan proof.

new BABY contract
old BABY contract
03.03.23 – The new $BABY token has been registered on the .

02.03.23 – We are working on the token and liquidity lock mechanism, will be sorted out soon, the $BABY tokens will be airdropped during the weekend.

27.02.23 – The $BABY token V2 has been created, the new contact address is: 0xe6dFa7118961851d62297Eb7bBe453364D880Ba5 .

20.02.23 – Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding the token listing and staking pool of $BABY token in one of DEXes, we had to pull out from the contract and issue a hard-fork. The new $BABY token will be issues soon and all the holders will be airdropped.

BABY buy back 17022023
17.02.23 – As buy back process continues, today also we bought back 2600 $BABY token today and added $60 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

BABY buy back 10022023
10.02.23 – We bought back 4000 $BABY token today and added $70 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

BABY buy back 02022023
03.02.23 – We bought back 5500 $BABY token today and added $80 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

30.01.23 – The website is back online, all of the packages have been updated and synced with the code on GitHub.

BABY buy back 20012023
29.01.23 – With recent liquidity deployment to the Pancakeswap, now total liquidity is $4500.

BABY buy back 20012023
20.01.23 – We bought back 5500 $BABY token today and added $80 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

14.01.23 – We bought back 3000 $BABY token today and added $40 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

12.01.23 – We bought back 3180 $BABY token today and added $40 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

11.01.23 - The website is down, we got a DNS issue again, for the second time in last 2 month, the matter is reported to the team and will be resolved shortly.

07.01.23 – We bought back 3600 $BABY token today and added $50 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap, now total liquidity is $3400.

07.01.23 – We bought back 2300 $BABY token today and added $40 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

BABY buy back 05012022
05.01.23 – We bought back 4600 $BABY token today and added $150 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

04.01.23 – We bought back 4600 $BABY token today and added $45 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

03.01.23 – Wish all a happy 2023, Babylonia team is back to work, we continue working on our lottery project.

31.12.22 – We bought back 2000 $BABY token today and added $20 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

30.12.22 – Finally yesterday our farming contract with Ampleswap has ended, that was a terrible experience for Babylonia, people over there did not provide any liquidity just farmed and minted BABY token which cost us about $2000 of buybacks in past 3 months.

BABY buy back 272022
27.12.22 – We bought back 4600 $BABY token today and added $150 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

26.12.22 – The team is still working on lottery UI and doing optimizations.

24.12.22 – We bought back 3500 $BABY token today and added $45 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap (reference).

23.12.22 – We bought back 4000 $BABY token again yesterday and added $45 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap (reference).

20.12.22 – We bought back 5000 $BABY token again yesterday and added $55 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap (reference).

19.12.22 – We bought back 5899 $BABY token again yesterday and added $60 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

18.12.22 – We started testing the lottery UI on the Polygon mainnet since yesterday, it is still buggy and requires optimizations.

15.12.22 – The SSL certificated of the subdomains have been replaced. 15.12.22 – Team is busy with lottery UI completion, it appears that the project is more complicated than we expected, ETA is by end of the time.

09.12.22 – We bought back 2600 $BABY token again today, we are waiting day & night until our staking deal with two DEX ends sooner and will not participate in any kind of one-way listings ever.

BABY buy back 06122022
08.12.22 – We bought back 2000 $BABY token again today, unfortunately some people ampleswap DEX mint & sell our token daily, and we can't stop doing that, we are waiting for the contract to finish at the end of December.

BABY buy back 07122022
07.12.22 – We bought back 2432 $BABY token again today and added $50 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap. Our liquidity on PCS is $2200 now!

SSL error #01
07.12.22 – We are aware that SSL certificate of four of our subdomains has expired, devs working on it to replace them ASAP.

BABY buy back 06122022
06.12.22 – We bought back 4000 $BABY token again today and added $400 of liquidity to the Pancakeswap.

03.12.22 – Since September, we bought back $300 worth of $BABY token and added double that amount of liquidity in our PCS pool BSCscan Deployer #2 transactions. All the funds are directly from founders since we not have any active revenue generating applications yet, also we did not sell a single $BABY token.

29.11.22 – Team is still working with new UI dev to finish the lottery UI, work is in progress.

Vizslaswap 404
28.11.22 – The users are facing 404 error on adding LP token to the Vizslswap, they are working on it to fix.

wallet connect on the main page #2
26.11.22 – The wallet connect is now working, there is an issue with the MetaMask and BNB chain, does not bring the correct chain information, we are working on it.

wallet connect on the main page #1
21.11.22 – We are in the process of adding the wallet connect & $BABY balance indicator on the main page, it is still buggy & does not show the value, team is working on it.

NOMIC price indicator
17.11.22 – The $BABY token price tracker from NOMICS has been added to the main page.

16.11.22 – Yesterday we updated the DEX platforms that $BABY token can be bought, traded and staked.

13.11.22 – We try to increase our BABY-BNB liquidity daily on the PCS platform, the LP address: 0x6c98A19937068624275CC505e28F91Fc36E2AcD1 on BSC.

11.11.22 – The RadioShack deployed $10000 liquidity for BABY Token on Fantom & Polygon network.

10.11.22 – Our CTO is about to leave the platform temporarily due to personal reasons, we are going to restructure internally, although it is very difficult to refill the position considering market circumstances.

07.11.22 – Today we teamed up with Vizslaswap SWAP DEX for staking farming.

05.11.22 – Today the Lottery UI is getting linked with the contract, we almost a week away from the first preview. 05.11.22 – Soon we publish the vesting contracts for the BABY token.

01.11.22 – Team is working with new UI dev to remake the lottery UI, work is in progress.

25.10.22 – We hired a new UI developer for the UI project, will be reporting back soon by end of the week. 25.10.22 – Babylonia received a secondary staking/farming offer from a DEX, we are thinking about it, we are not so optimistic as the deal with Ampleswap did not go as we expected.

21.10.22 – Unfortunately, the lottery UI team failed to deliver the project and meet the minimum requirements, and some assigned tasks are still pending. We decided to stop cooperating with this team & hire someone else. This could delay the lottery project even further.

19.10.22 – Team tested the lottery contract, yesterday on the Polygon Mainnet successfully, we continue with the UI integrations. 19.10.22 – Our CTO is finally back from 2 month leave of absence, we can speed up developments from now on.

18.10.22 – UI developer is still not available & sick, we are looking for temporary options. 18.10.22 – The team is planned for final lottery test on the Polygon mainnet.

15.10.22 – The subscription account of Chain Link VRF V2 is set today, we are ready to start testing our lottery contract on the Polygon mainnet.

14.10.22 – We faced some delays from our freelance UI team, project was supposed to be delivered today but it is not yet ready.

09.10.22 – The UI development of lottery is still going on, team is trying to finalize the design by end of coming week. 09.10.22 – We tested vesting contracts yesterday on the Polygon mainnet, we are working to add some more features to the contract.

05.10.22 – The development of lottery UI is going on, as our CTO is still on vacation, things running slower than expected, we will hire secondary UI dev this weekend to speed up the process.

30.09.22 – Today we teamed up with Ample SWAP DEX for staking farming experiment.

28.09.22 - The roadmap has been updated, the Babylonia introduction image also has been updated and will be used for the social media profiles. 28.09.22 - Things running very slowly here in Babylonia, lack of funding forced us to turn down so of promotions and developments tasks, now the main focus is to finish Lottery and contract vesting projects.

RadioShack DEX BABY 02
26.09.22 – We fixed the visual problem of RadioShack DEX position on the front page.

24.09.22 - The roadmap & essential documents are getting updated, will be adding new direction toward smartconract-based games & discarding traditional casino games.

21.09.22 - The lottery UI is getting finalized, we assigned more team member to the project. 21.09.22 - Work on vesting contracts is going on, we team will be ready to test it by end of the September. 21.09.22 - We pushed an update on the mainpage of website, but the icons position is wrong, we will push another update in next few days.

17.09.22 - Team is working on the lottery UI and connecting it to the contract. 17.09.22 - We started working on vesting contracts to lock and distribute BABY token.

13.09.22 - We removed our small LP from Pancakeswap due to conflict & arbitrage with RadioShack.

New menus 02
12.09.22 - As per new Roadmap we got the website updated, the Game replaced with Win & moving toward only smart contract based games.

10.09.22 - The development of lottery contract is going on, team finalized a draft today. 10.09.22 - We are exploring options for vesting & locking contracts for BABY Token.

RadioShack DEX BABY 01
06.09.22 – Yesterday RadioShack deployed $10000 liquidity for BABY Token on their DEX.
06.09.22 - We hired a new smart contract developer for the lottery project.

05.09.22 – Last hired dev does not live to the expectations, therefore we're still looking for a new developer to join lottery project, doing interviews on the Upwork.

04.09.22 - After analyzing our roadmap, goals and accomplished milestones, also consulting with few crypto professionals, we have decided to focus more on the smart contract games than traditional web2 gambling & casino games. Therefore, we will be updating our documents to be aligned with the project new goals.

02.09.22 - Today the team is going to test the lottery contract on the testnet. 02.09.22 - We got a budget and project funding problems, therefore things are running slower.

31.08.22 - We hired a new solidity smart contract developer to help us with the lottery development.
31.08.22 – The social profile of BABY Token got updated on

30.08.22 – The Presale #1 on BNB Chain & Polygon have been stopped since we deployed liquidity on Pancakeswap & Sushiswap.

Pancakeswap BABY-BUSD LP #1
29.08.22 – We started adding experimental liquidity on the DEX to monitor the events and reception.

28.08.22 – The social profile of BABY Token got updated on

27.08.22 – The ending time of ICO contracts shifted to 15. September.22. 27.08.22 – The ICO countdown has been removed from POOL Crowdsale page.

26.08.22 – We still looking for a new developer to join lottery project, doing interviews on the Upwork.

24.08.22 – Finally we got BSCSCAN page of BABY Token updated.

23.08.22 – We posted an advertisement on Upwork as another dev stopped showing up, this happens more often in freelance type of work and low budget project like us. 23.08.22 - Lottery contract development is going on, we are going to test first revision this weekend on the testnet.

20.08.22 – The lottery UI has been designed and handed over to the devs. 20.08.22 – The contract of lottery is getting ready, we are working on the random number generator contract.

Crowdsale timer
19.08.22 – We are aware the Crowdsale #1 timer does not correctly, we needed to update the time on the UI and the contract, our main dev is on vacation, and we need to wait for a couple of days.

16.08.22 – The team has started the lottery project, unfortunately one of smart contract devs became unresponsive again, this occurred more often with non-Upwork or Fiverr freelancers, that they tend not to adhere to the project schedule.

NFT UI toggles
13.08.22 – We got a small visual update the front page, linking it to the NFT minting page and the voice-over. 13.08.22 – The team is assembled to start lottery smart contracts this week. 13.08.22 – Things are running slower in Babylonia, as we blew our August budget on the promotions and marketing, and unfortunately I did not bring us any revenues.

10.08.22 – We pushed an update on NFT UI in mobile, but work is still progressing, we try to make better. 10.08.22 – Unfortunately, the promoting campaign was not successful, but we learned that most influencers and promoters are not real and fake, they try to boost their posts with fake likes, retweets, and fake comments.

09.08.22 – The team is working on the NFT UI optimization in mobile screen. 09.08.22 – The promotions on Twitter & Instagram is not going good as the designated promoters misrepresented themselves, most likely having much smaller audience.

08.08.22 – The NFT UI menu has a new feature, redirecting My NFT to the, but the patch is having problems and the team is working to fix it ASAP. 08.08.22 – Our contact/Email form in NFT page is working again. 08.08.22 – We kicked off our NFT PASS CARD BRONZE project yesterday, after two days NFTs will be offered on OpenSea too. 08.08.22 – We paid two Instagram promoters and one on Twitter to do some advertising for us, which does not seem to be very successful.

06.08.22 – The NFT UI got another last minute update yesterday, has a better compatibility with smaller screens. 06.08.22 – We are aware that the captcha service and therefore email sending form is down, we are trying to fix it soon as devs got free time.

04.08.22 – The NFT UI is complete, the team is working on optimizations for the lower resolution monitors. 04.08.22 – At the moment the NFT can be minted on desktop with the MetaMask, but soon the mobile version will be available. 04.08.22 – The NFT Bronze private-sale + whitelisting is not happening on the Polygon, but we modified and reworked the smart contract and UI for the BNB chain.

03.08.22 – We are still working to fix NFT UI problems, should be ready by the weekend.

02.08.22 – The NFT launch is delayed for few days, the UI is not ready and team is working on implementing the Whitelisting.

31.07.22 - Discord invitation link has been updated: 31.07.22 - We hired a new web3 react UI developer to help us with the NFT development.

30.07.22 – We fixed some minor problems with the UI layout of NFT page. 30.07.22 – Team is testing the NFT minting UI to get ready for public opening.

NFT UI toggles
28.07.22 – The NFT UI has new toggles.
28.07.22 – The NFT contract of PASS CARD Bronze has been deployed on Polygon, and it is available on the OpenSea.

26.07.22 – The NFT UI is getting completed, we will push a final update today. 26.07.22 – We are going to deploy the NFT contract on the mainnet in the next few days, the contract is ready and has been tested.

23.07.22 – We pushed another update on the NFT UI today. The team is testing contract functionality on the testnet.

NFT UI preview 01
21.07.22 – The NFT UI is half-baked, but preview is ready and live.

20.07.22 – Unfortunately web3 devs of second team could not complete the job, we had to hire a temp dev to carry on the project. 20.07.22 – Team is busy with preparation of NFT offering, marketing plans and advertising campaigns.

17.07.22 - Team is working on the NFT UI, the first preview will be ready on Monday.

15.07.22 - The ending time of Crowdsale #1 of BABY token changed to 15.08.2022.

14.07.22 - Team refactored and reorganized the POOL page codes and files yesterday.

13.07.22 - Today team pushed an update on the NFT page, the web3 wallet connect, and top menus are identical with the pool page.

12.07.22 - Today the $BABY token got listed on the CoinMarketCap.

12.07.22 - Today the $BABY token got listed on the CoinGecko. 12.07.22 - We began working on UI design and web3 connectivity of NFT page.

09.07.22 - The documents are getting updated, some of them are not valid anymore, and we created them before the platform goes live.

07.07.22 - We will be testing the NFT contract during the weekend on the Polygon network, devs are busy with the last touches. 07.07.22 - Tomorrow we will be deploying the new document server on the website, during the next week the transition from GitBook to our server will be completed.

05.07.22 - The informative and fun contents like Short Stories are being made again, we try ways to create more attractive and useful stuff for our audience.

04.07.22 - We are preparing our NFT contracts, but things running slower now as we are on tighter budget. 04.07.22 - Devs are busy with making our document pages ready to be hosted on our server soon.

03.07.22 - The problem with max function of the Crowdsale #1 Method 1 is resolved. 03.07.22 - The Crowdsale #1 Method 1 on Polygon works swimmingly once again, we deployed fixed patches.

02.07.22 - The transactions are now have a calculated gas fees, preventing suggesting very low gas fees on the Polygon and Fantom networks.

30.06.22 - We hired a new web3 smart contract dev to further develop the platform. 30.06.22 - The NFT creation and smart contract development project has been started, our ETA is about one month. 30.06.22 - The problem of sending transaction with a wrong gas fee is resolved.

28.06.22 - The ICO1 Method 1 is fully operational now, we deployed the changes yesterday. 28.06.22 - We dismissed most of freelancer developers, as the market continues to slide down, we got problems too building and pushing updates. The team is back to three core members.

27.06.22 - Today the Crowdsale #1 Method 1 will be available, we are working on the final testing. 27.06.22 - The web3 dev that we hired did not live up to the big resume we relied on to hire. Unfortunately, this is what we see more often, that the people accept the job but don't pay attention as the money and project might seem small.

26.06.22 - We are aware that our POOL page does not work properly with Trust Wallet DApp browser, we are working on it. 26.06.22 - We are still working on the Crowdsale #1 Method 1 to get it working, will be operational soon.

24.06.22 - Today we pushed another major upload on the POOL section, fixing bugs and problems with UI. 24.06.22 - We hired a new web3 dev yesterday, he will be working on the POOL section.

23.06.22 - Finally last night we managed to fix the dashboard and Crowdsale #1 Method 2 problems, now everything works fine. 23.06.22 - We narrowed down the dev candidate list for the web3 jobs, will be finalized today.

22.06.22 - Our active developer team reduced to four people only, as the market continues to be tough, we got difficulty funding the project. 22.06.22 - The search for a web3 developer continues, we are looking for a professional that delivers consistent quality and get along with our slim budget. 22.06.22 - We pushed another round of updates on our DASHBOARD section, today the project will be completed, and we shifted completely from getting prices of web2 API to chainlink aggregators.

21.06.22 - The promotion Tweet did not get enough attention, we need to research more as there are many scams and fraud so-called promoters and influencers out there. 21.06.22 - Today we are pushing another update on the POOL page, general optimizations and getting price information from Chainlink aggregators rather than typical API web2 services. 21.06.22 - We are interviewing new devs on the Upwork, to get someone for the web3 and DApp development job.

19.06.22 - Today we started another round of promotions through Twitter, the market is doing poorly and selling a new token is just like running uphill. 19.06.22 - Sadly we fired one of our web3 devs, he let us down in recent days when we needed it most and the website requires lots of attention and maintenance. 19.06.22 - Devs are trying some problems with the Crowdsale page becoming slow and laggy.

17.06.22 - Our dashboard profiler got a new look, now detecting the BABY token too, we are in process of getting prices and balances from web3.
POOL Profiler
17.06.22 - We enabled Crowdsale #1 - Method 1 yesterday, there is still problems with the web3 part, devs are working on it.

16.06.22 - Method 2 of Crowdsale is fully operational, balances are now showing, Method 1 is not yet ready, this is a web3 issue that devs trying to resolve.
16.06.22 - The VPS server of POOL platform is replaced with a faster and stronger server. It may take few minutes to be upgraded.
16.06.22 - we pushed another patch on the POOL section, the buy button of Method 2 is now working. The profiler may not detect the BABY token and the balances are not getting updated automatically, we are working on the fixes.
16.06.22 - We started our Crowdsale #1 with Method 2, Method 1 will be available later today. The page is still slow and buggy, the team is working on it.

15.06.22 - The POOL and Crowdsale #1 page are still having problems, we may delay the Crowdsale for few days.

14.06.22 - Team is busy finalizing the Crowdsale #1 of POOL page, so many bugs and problems have been resolved.

12.06.22 - The BABY Token ICO1 Method1 contract has been deployed on the mainnet, team is working on the web3 implementations, the method 2 UI is almost ready. 12.06.22 - The team page is created, we added all the core team members, collaborators, and developers that worked on the platform.

11.06.22 - The BABY Token ICO1 Method2 contract has been deployed on the mainnet, team is working on the web3 implementations 11.06.22 - Another major update has been pushed on the POOL page, fixing errors, updating menus and linking functions 11.06.22 - The documents are getting updated, adding major changes and adding missing sections related to the GitHub contributions and team members.

09.06.22 - We have redesigned the signin/signup section of the platform and we keep it uniform in all of our pages 09.06.22 - Yesterday we tested our ICO contract once again on the Polygon network and it works perfectly. On Friday we will deploy the main contracts on the mainnet and link the contract to our web3 pages.

08.06.22 - The BABY Token has been deployed in the mainnet of BNB Chain, Polygon and Fantom with the same contract address.

06.06.22 - Our Monthly updates for month of May is released and published through our medium freelancers to the social media and forums 06.06.22 - The Podcast API code and dependencies are refreshed and updated, we restarted the server to implement the updates 06.06.22 - The long waiting documents on our media platform is published too in our GitHub documents section 06.06.22 - We are aware that the GitBook does not show our documents from GitHub properly, we are working on it to host all out documents on our server.

05.06.22 - Team is busy adding last touches to the ICO contract, we are adding AggregatorV3Interface from Chainlink, that the swap rate of BABY Token stays accurate & float as the selling price of BABY token is $0.01.

04.06.22 - We planned to deploy the BABY Token today on the Mainnet, we are getting ready for 15th. June 04.06.22 - The documents are getting updated again, we will provide extra guidelines on how to buy the BABY Token.

03.06.22 - We did some fixes on the Roadmap document, updating the dates and information, also will do a fix on the main page of the website, as the Roadmap image does not show the right size.

01.06.22 - We hired a GitHub specialist to trim and organize our documents and projects neatly. Mainpage 04.06.22
01.06.22 - The voice-intro is live on the main page 01.06.22 - Team fixed a problem on the POOL page, where the chain selector networks could not be edited manually 01.06.22 - The Crowdsale #1 voice-over project is out and posted on the Twitter and Instagram pages.

31.05.22 - The second voice-over project is ready, we prepared a promotional piece in English and Chinese and soon will be published 31.05.22 - Team worked on some updates on the main page, to play the introduction to Babylonia on the front page, in the quo to be deployed.

29.05.22 - The second voice-over project is underway, we are preparing the multiple languages this time. We contacted professional freelancers on the Upwork already.

28.05.22 - We pushed another update on the POOL page, some bugs fixed, the price section looks more settled now.

26.05.22 - The ICO - Crowdsale #1 is moved to 15/June/2022, we are determined to make it happen.

25.05.22 - The Crowdsale #1 page of has been updated, we added secondary purchase method with works with direct transfer and does not need interaction with our web3 or giving permission 25.05.22 - The social media field has been updated and discord link has been added.

24.05.22 - We pushed another update on the signup. Now our logo is embedded in the verification email.

22.05.22 - The Signup and Login form is operational, it is still far from being complete, devs are working in it.

20.05.22 - We got all the SSL certificates of the subdomains reissued today and renewed.

18.05.22 - Last month we lost the contact with our Ukrainian smart contract developer. It was difficult to get everything back to normal and find a substitute. Today we made our final successful Token and ICO deployment on the BSC testnet again. We are on the track to do the final test on the mainnet on Friday.

17.05.22 - Solana network profiler is finalized, it is showing the values of tokens too.

16.05.22 - The UI of Pool page, the Crowdsale #1 & SWAP page got updated, and some problems got fix.

15.05.22 - The UI of Pool page got another update on the dark and light mode 15.05.22 - Solana network profiler is up and ready, team is working on fixing the bugs and adding price features.

13.05.22 - The UI of Pool page is still getting daily updates and fixes 13.05.22 - We publish new learning material and quick guidelines on how to use our platform 13.05.22 - We are monitoring the bear market development very closely, we may postpone the Crowdsale #1 for another month.

10.05.22 - The the 3D globe is now final, optimized and our team managed to reduce the size to half, with 60% less triangles. It is crisp and lighter now 10.05.22 - The UI of Pool page is under development. Today we will push for another update 10.05.22 - The documents are getting updated once again, as we're getting closer to the Crowdsale #1 day, we publish and complete our comprehensive guides and learning section. Mainpage 09.05.22
09.05.22 - We managed to run the animations on the 3D globe, also colors are better now, and less of over exposure. The 3D dev is working on the improvements.

08.05.22 - There 3D globe has totally been updated, and reworked. It looks amazing, we are working on the animations and more optimizations.

07.05.22 - We pushed an update on the Pool page yesterday, merging Solana with ERC20 networks, but it was buggy and problematic, so we revert it back, working on the fixed.

06.05.22 - The sign-in and create account of page is almost completed. It is up and working. We are busy with finalizing the final details 06.05.22 - The 3D globe and models are under heavy rework, we hope to publish first preview in next few days.

05.05.22 - We are in the process of negotiating with promoters and influencers for the platform, some of their fees are extremely high 05.05.22 - The game page is still under development, we got trouble deploying the user database and signup forms 05.05.22 - Our monthly updates of April have been published in various forums and websites by our trustee distributor.

30.04.22 - The Solana, Phantom wallet connection is adding to the wallet connect, soon the updates will be deployed 30.04.22 - We hired a 3D developer for the 3rd time this season, after disappointing work by previous two, we raised our hopes up with the new one 30.04.22 - The final UI design of login and Signup pages are done, devs working on it to code it into the platform and be deployed withing next week.

27.04.22 - The has a new look, we are working on the wallet connection of Solana Phantom. Stay tuned! 27.04.22 - We are aware of the problem of not showing our documents properly on the GitBook, but they are fine on the GitHub, soon will be sorted out.

25.04.22 - We are very busy finalizing our user database on the backend side, also devs are working on the page, to add user registration and login features.

24.04.22 - Sadly we fired our 3D dev, who got hired through Upwork, he was able to deliver the requested tasks on-time satisfactory. We are looking to replace him ASAP. WIP!

23.04.22 - We are in the process of updating our documents again, as the development moves forward very fast, we needed to update our structure of content more often.

22.04.22 - The 3D model of the main page is optimized and got lighter, devs are working on the changes 22.04.22 - The user registration and sign in/sign up pages are under development, coming soon.

19.04.22 - The 3D model of the main page is under review, soon we will have some updates 19.04.22 - We deployed minor UI improvements on the Pool & NFT pages.

18.04.22 - We have contacted some very knowledgeable promoters & Instagram influencers to talk and advertise about the platform 18.04.22 - Unfortunately, the Crowdsale #1 is delayed for another month. Sadly, despite all our efforts, the number of new user that we require to start the process is below our goal number. Also, the feelings on Crypto market in April 2022 is very bearish and cold, we would rather wait for more favorable weather in May & June.

16.04.22 - Devs are very busy working on 1/ Media project, 2/ NFT page, platform and web3 functionality, 3/ Token contract audits 16.04.22 - We are ready to deploy the Internet Radio section of Media project once again today, we are still working on the optimization and bug fixing.

15.04.22 - We have contacted many promoters to advertise our platform, we chose a few authentic channels to carry on.

14.04.22 - The is ready and publish, looks good!
13.04.22 - We have dismissed one of our web2 devs, sadly the performance was not what we expected to be, and it is not easy to carry on with our small budget, we get it 13.04.22 - Started working on the user database, signing up structure and storing the data, two devs are working on this project.

12.04.22 - The is ready and publish, looks good!

11.04.22 - We hired two smart contract developers to audit our contracts and comment 11.04.22 - The is going to be published soon, it is just a display at the moment, games will come after the ICO.

09.04.22 - The left side menus and buttons got updated, for the first time we have a same styling across the platform 09.04.22 - The first phase of wallet connect & Web3 integration on is done, we are working on the optimization.

08.04.22 - Hiring a security auditor is the way, we will finalize it by tomorrow 08.04.22 - Team is working on the mobile page of NFT services, it is getting ready in next few days.

06.04.22 - To get ready for the ICO, we are hiring smart contract developers to do some security audit on our contracts.

05.04.22 - has been updated, we are still working on the podcast section, our free to use podcast API service is not very sophisticated, so we are limited in terms of features. Later on the project with a better funding we will get a paid API services 05.04.22 - Our also has been updated, we added Ethereum and Avalanche support 05.04.22 - Unfortunately GitHub does not show the small updates, fixed and pull requests, some days we got more than ten PR and fixes, but it is not considered as a contribution. We need to fix that too!

03.04.22 - Unfortunately we have ended the contract with one of our devs. On the short term, it slows us down to find a replacement and bring the new member up to speed, but this is the story of our small start up. We have limited time and small budget, sadly it does not please most devs.

02.04.22 - We got some visual updates on, the music service is down due to API issue, we fix it in some other time. At the moment, we don't have time and resources to spend on music and radio project. 02.04.22 - We are busy patching, adding network selector, the updates are under review, will be deployed shorty.

31.03.22 - The has been updated, the NFT categories have been added, and menu icons updated. 31.03.22 - the page is updated and looks similar to NFT, we keep the same stylings.

30.03.22 - We pushed another update on our NFT page. We got some fixes on the creating page, will be deployed soon. 30.03.22 - Mobile pages are under a re-work job, updating icons and adding extra menus.

27.03.22 - The NFT page at has been updated, we added new collections, team is still working on it today, we push another update by evening.

26.03.22 - Started to update our mobile pages, haven't been touched for a month, will be updated soon this week.

25.03.22 - We deployed another update on the page, search options is running, categories too, still working on fixing problems.

24.03.22 - The wallet connect feature and experimental NFT minting page is up and running, we still working to optimize the layout 24.03.22 - The media page is refreshed, the category and search option is now working, it is still buggy and the left side icons aren't in place, we are working on it.

23.03.22 - The devs fixed the bugs, it looks better, we are pushing the code in few hours.

22.03.22 - The team is busy finishing the NFT page designs, the ETA is about next week 22.03.22 - The media project faced some difficulties, our previous podcast grabber API is not responsive, and we are working on the options with different API provider, that means some delays, but we are trying to finalize it by end of March.

20.03.22 - The 3D planet is running smoothly, yes it is a big heavy, we will optimize the scenery and objects in next phase of development 20.03.22 - The home page icons are refreshed, they look sharper with new SVG icon implementations 20.03.22 - The Babylonia slides and presentation images have been updated, having new logo too.

18.03.22 - The new 3D planet is live, is it heavy and little buggy, we are working on it.

17.03.22 - The main webpage is getting a new look soon, we worked on 3D implementation for a long, it is time to publish the first revision 17.03.22 - We are in a process of updating our documents, and revisit the pages we wrote earlier of the project.

11.03.22 - Team is working on the possibility of offering our BABY token and services on the AVAX Avalanche network.

10.03.22 - The page is up and running, it is still a draft and work-in-progress 10.03.22 - The work on the NFT minting page has begun, and the project has been assigned.

09.03.22 - The and the chain selector have been reworked and published yesterday. We added 8 more ERC20 compatible networks.

06.03.22 - Unfortunately we lost contact with our freelance developer of NFT in Russia. The design task handed over to another freelance dev.

05.03.22 - Started using Linear and Slacks for team assignment management and inter-communication.

04.03.22 - We hired two developers to work on the projects, adding podcast player features 04.03.22 - The first phase of the NFT design project is finished, we have started to create NFT collections.

02.03.22 - Two new pages & are published, they are still work-in-progress 02.03.22 - We hired a 3D modelling developer to help updating the website visuals 02.03.22 - Team is working to fix bugs and problems, also adding 12 more chains.

28.02.22 - Team is working on the two new pages &, will be published in next few days 28.02.22 - We redesigned our logo and slogan, it is "Babylonia Always More Fun", it is cool.

25.02.22 - We have been approached by SoftSwiss and got introduced to their line of products and services.

24.02.22 - Unfortunately we had to postpone our ICO once again for the second time, we could not get enough investment to go forward, besides unfavorable crypto market due to risk of war made it harder 24.02.22 - We are working on the NFT developments, the previews on the way and team are busy developing the backend.

22.02.22 - Our web2 developer is working on the improvements on 3D effects of our Babylonia planet of the main page 20.02.22 - The new animation neon glow for the menu on the left side is ready, we started transition to SVG base images from PNG

20.02.22 - The grayscale mode has been added to the main website home page 20.02.22 - Team is working on a new animation neon glow for the menu on the left side, the preview is out, waiting for code to get merged.

18.02.22 - We got our updated, some of the bugs are fixed, the dark mode and grayscale mode have been added. 18.02.22 - Winners of the second Giveaway have been paid.

11.02.22 - Yesterday we ended the contract with a social media content creator we hired thought Upwork, despite of their effort, we were not happy with their knowledge and quality of work they provided. We looking for another recruits. 11.02.22 - We have planned to host an IPO & ICO services in future as a part of portfolio of our products

07.02.22 - We planned to go multichain for ICO at the same time, devs working on new token mechanism and therefore Crowdsale contract mods

06.02.22 - Devs are Working on chain selector tool for MetaMask, and our web3 connector on Polygon & Fantom

04.02.21 - We are having our second #Giveaway on Twitter and Instagram, link here

03.02.22 - This week we have started working on the smart contract lottery, developing the UI and the contract on the BSC test net 03.02.22 - Team is working on completing, adding features, also completing the front-end and back-end parts of ICO, which will be linked to the pool section

30.01.22 - Our new website is live, all programmed with React.js, now it is compatible with many more browsers like Safari too. We still working on the refinement, but it is much faster, lighter. The transition from WordPress is done. Thanks guys!

29.01.22 - We hired a game/smart contract developer to help us developing our lottery on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 29.01.22 - Started to expand our web3 application to Polygon and later to Fantom chains

27.01.22 - Our transformation of main website from WordPress to React application is almost done, the website will be live during next days 27.01.22 - Our subdomain is finally ready and live, it works with MetaMask and TrustWallet for now, thanks team!

25.01.22 - We hired a team of social media content creator and advisers 25.01.22 - Working to finalize the hiring of blockchain developer for out lottery application

21.01.22 - We are about to hire three new developers 21.01.22 - Started the transition to React based platform from WordPress

19.01.22 - Hired a new web developer, welcome Gloompi to the Babylonia team!

16.01.22 - Working on the Instagram posts and stuff 16.01.22 - Finally our & is linked and connected thanks to Raiden our CTO 16.01.22 - Put an ad for hiring web dev on Upwork, doing interviews

13.01.22 - Starting the giveaway campaign on Twitter Starting on 14.01.22 it lasts for 72 hours 13.01.22 - Last touches on the Pool, will be published shortly

10.01.22 - We welcome Dr. ALMA to the Babylonia, he will be partnering on the project, and will be operating as the CMO.

09.01.22 - Finalizing the Pool, connect to wallet section, will be published and linked soon this week.

05.01.22 - Preparing promotional plans on Twitter, promoting a tweet and give away campaigns

04.01.22 - Unfortunately Bamzi has left the team and retired as the co-founder and partner

04.01.22 - Some visual upgrades on the Crowdsale #1 theme of the website 04.01.22 - Deploying Game & Pool subdomains, will be linking soon the website 04.01.22 - Completing two games of Game Phase I, Classic Dice & Bingo Classic, bought the code, we optimize and fit them to the platform

30.12.21 - Replacing the coinmarketcap marque widget with tradingview ticker as CMC one stopped working

28.12.21 - Deploying game "Dice Classic" on the VPS service, allocating to the new domain 28.12.21 - Finallizing wallet connect app and Crowdsale #1 interface

23.12.21 - SEO got under control, still work in progress 23.12.21 - Deployed CDN of, the website should be running smoother 23.12.21 - Deployed BABY Token on BSC with 888,888,888 capped total supply reference here

20.12.21 - still Working on the SEO, resolving conflicts with github .md files

19.12.21 - Updating the section on the docs 19.12.21 - Working on the SEO, optimizing for the google search

15.12.21 - deploying of BABY token with 888m supply & successful timecapped crowdsale contract on Fantom testnet, reference here

12.12.21 - deploying of BABY token with 888m supply & successful crowdsale contract on Fantom testnet, reference here

10.12.21 - gitbook section buy-sell-birdge got updated

09.12.21 - updated the mobile version of website, added features and crowdsale #1 countdown

07.12.21 - Added coinmarketcap marquee 07.12.21 - Prepration of Crowdsale #1 on BSC testnet

06.12.21 - Another deploying of BABY token & successful crowdsale contract on BSC testnet, reference here

05.12.21 - Added collateral page on gitbook

04.12.21 - Deploying the BABY gold token on BSC Polygon and Fantom testnet, last iteration available here 04.12.21 - Deploying crowdsale contract on BSC testnet

02.12.21 - Updating the Roadmap 02.12.21 - Publishing daily short stories on Twitter 02.12.21 - Initialization of BEP20 token

28.11.21 - Added CROWDSALE distribution slides to the gitbook 28.11.21 - Progressing on the website mobile version 28.11.21 - Twitting daily short stories & thanks for 300 followers

27.11.21 - Added TOKEN DISTRIBUTION slide

25.11.21 - Added countdown timer on the

23.11.21 - Completing Roadmap section Beta Launch on the gitbook 23.11.21 - Updating the Roadmap 23.11.21 - Increased twitter activities 23.11.21 - Preparing the VPS hosting for Games I 23.11.21 - Preparation of Giveaway I campaign

21.11.21 - Added NFT slide page to the gitbook 21.11.21 - Added NFT slide to the website 21.11.21 - Completing Roadmap section on the gitbook

20.11.21 - Added returning Astronaut-Image trajectory 20.11.21 - Added returning Astronaut-Image trajectory 20.11.21 - Added ROADMAP slide to the gitbook 20.11.21 - Added POOL slide to the gitbook + updating the website

19.11.21 - Added LOGO to the slides 19.11.21 - Updated logo of the gitbook & social media

17.11.21 - Updated the contact page 17.11.21 - website UI optimization

16.11.21 - Added wallet connect interface 16.11.21 - Optimizing left menu-icon function

15.11.21 - Linking gitbook to website 15.11.21 - Synchronizing gitbook with GitHub, accessing to the repositories 15.11.21 - Adding flying astronaut with Alpha Stage to the main page 15.11.21 - Adding images to the gitbook