What is the Pool all about?

In the Pool we offer all range of DeFi products and services. At the moment of writing this documents, end of April 22, We have Profile, Chain Selector, Investment & Staking, Swap (buy & sell tokens), and upcoming Bridge services. You can expect many more services in a new future that we are working on.


Here you find everything you need to know on how to buy & sell tokens, on how to use them, trade them. Our platform is not a DEX, and we do not have any plans to offer a DEX or in house SWAP services, however our SWAP services will be using (borrowing) some utilities of other platforms. Simply we only facilitate the exchange and swap but inside, the system using an API from 1Inch, Pancakeswap, Uniswap or similar trustworthy websites.


Screenshot of Profile section of POOL
The dashboard is the main profiler. It shows the tokens and coin on the wallet address, at the moment it detects top six popular tokens of each blockchain, on the next phase of developments more services will be added such as:
  • Liquidity token detection
  • Staking status
  • Estimation of revenue generation
  • List of holding tokens


PBTM (BABY) BABY token will be available to buy during CROWDSALE #1 & CROWDSALE #2. Before the main launch of the platform, we may decide to covert BABY token smart contract BABY V2 with more features like automatic burn, taxation and locked liquidity, and the tokens will be swapped 1:1 with the new BABY V2 tokens. We are still working on the details of execution and implementation of the plan, also waiting to receive some more guidance through our partners.


Screenshot of Profile section of Chain Selector
The chain selector is a tool to add ERC20 compatible networks to the MetaMask. The idea has been existed on the net for some time, we figured it is not very well managed, and lacks the well-designed UI, so we created this tool from scratch. The chain selector is a part of a program that we intended to add handy tools to our POOL ecosystem. So many more to come!


Screenshot of Babylonia Bridge
The bridge is a combination of 2 smart contracts: one deployed on each chain that allows for cross-chain transfers of value. The Babylonia's bridge will enable users to transfer their Baby Tokens easily between the BSC (BNB Chain) and Polygon, Fantom or other available networks.
In Babylonia, we love automation and respect the comfort of running a trusted algorithm, but we do not fully trust the code, and it tends to fail the crypto platforms often. Consequently, we rather to make big decisions to transfer and release ourselves than reply on the code itself.
The conditions of using the bridge are:
  1. 1.
    There is a charge of 2% + 100 $BABY for each transaction
  2. 2.
    The daily quota of bridge is about $10000 daily.
  3. 3.
    The transfers more than $2000 must be approved manually by our admin.
Note: the above terms and quota may change over the time.
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