Games: Tranditional & Blockchain Base

The is a gaming platform where people can play for fun, or gamble and bet. The payment and rewarding transactions are carried out by the selected cryptocurrencies. Two types of games will be offered:
  • Games I: Blockchain based games that uses mainly blockchain random generation numbers to create odds and game of chances.
  • Games II: Traditional web2 + smartcontract based games, using mostly APIs from 3rd party game studios and game aggregators.


The GAMES I (phase 1) is under development at the moment, three games of Slow Roulette, Classic Lottery & Babylon Jackpot will be ready for the main launch in late Q3-Q4 2022. These games will be running on the blockchain and using smart contracts for governing.
GAME I Development

Classic Lottery

Lottery or Lucky draw is our simplest game, the player buys a lucky draw ticket, the system generates four random numbers from 1 to 9, the player is allowed to buy maximum 10 tickets on each round. Each ticket creates a unique set of numbers that can not be the same. When ticketing closes, the system creates a set of number based on the consequent random generator algorithm. The winner will be rewarded on how many numbers matches the ticket's number. The detail algorithm and winning conditions will be published. Different variety of lottery draws will be running. They differ from the complexity and chances of winning and also the ending timer. We're planning on having Weekly, Daily, and 6 hourly lottery at the beginning. Later on in the project, we will make required adjustments based on the performance and acceptance of the games by the crowd.

Babylon Jackpot

Babylon Jackpot is modified version of Classic Lottery running only once a week. So it is smart contract based, prize accumulating scheme, has also the ticketing system, and uses chainlink VRF for the draws. The details will be updated shortly.

Slow Roulette

We have submitted the idea to patenting, it is a pending patent algorithm, roulette triple zero & 1-36 numbered slot, unique betting system, finalizes every 2 minutes

Lucky Dice

Triple dice system, chainlink VRF, easy wagers, finalizes in a minute


It is an elimination game, based on ticketing system, running with smart contracts, the last purchased tickets before time runs out will be the winner. Every ticket purchases delays the countdown by 10 minutes.



List of the games

Screenshot of the game.babylonia
The list of games is under review, as we complete our developers team, we continuously work on how to implement solutions on the platform. Any changes on the list of game, technical details and future plans will be published on the Logs and therefore the Roadmap will be updated.