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Everyone knows about NFTs, they are all over the web, they are cool and attractive. As our platform grew larger, our plans and ambitions got bigger, we decided to offer a whole range of NFT services and embed them into the great Babylonia platform. The focus is to offer a seamless and encompassing experience through the entire project, and integrating NFT services into the BABY token mix. Everything has one unique purpose, and that is to protect and preserve our Babylonian citizens. How to do it? By backing up our Baby token, increasing its value and price relatively, and make our investors, holders, and users richer and happier. Speaking of services, we offer 1/ our own Babylonia NFTs collections, 2/ NFT marketplace that users can buy and sell, bid or auction NFTs freely, and 3/ NFT minting services on the different blockchains.

NFTs Collection

we use NFTs for two three purposes:
  1. 1.
    As a utility token, to offer benefits and extra features to the player, features like offering extra chance to win the game, or buying tickets to the games at a discounted rate. Also people can later on add profile photos or avatars, choose usernames, all will be saved as a minted NFT on the blockchain, player buy these kinds of NFTs, and they are transferrable. Our PASS CARD NFT collection is one of them.
  2. 2.
    As achievable prize 🏆 and trophy after winning certain number of games, or being on the platform for some amount of time. Later on we are planning to have competitions and multiplayer games and tournaments, these collected NFTs might come handy. Achievable kind of NFTs can not be transferred or to be bought.
  3. 3.
    As a collectable item, we offer limited our very own creation collections of NFTs, that can be traded in our Babylonia NFT market or through, future partners. Because of very limited number of NFTs, also spending lots of time and money in the process of creating of these arts, we expect them to offer great value in the future.


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