The Babylonia Roadmap
The Babylonia roadmap is a guide that describes the steps we need to take in order to reach our project goals. It's a plan of action that lines up our project's short-term and long-term goals, and we outline how they will be achieved. We start the project with an "Alpha Stage", which is consisted of initial planning, launching of the website, preparing the smart contracts of the token and "Crowdsale #1", and developing the phase I of the gaming platform. After the crowdfunding phases, we begin to testing the integration of tokenomics into the gaming platform, that stage is called "Beta Launch". The roadmap will be updated as the project proceeds, we might add extra steps to achieve the next milestone.

Alpha Stage 2021Q4-2022Q1

  • Publishing the website
  • Publishing the documents on GitBook
  • Developing Games: 1\ Lottery --> postponed to after the Crowdsale #1
  • Developing Games: 2\ Slow-Roulette --> postponed to 2022Q3-2022Q4
  • a Telegram channel deployment
  • Presenting the website
  • Marketing & promoting the website
  • Testing the tokens & tokenomics and crowdsale on BSC testnet
  • Twitter presentation and activities
  • Hiring smart contract devs
  • Hiring social media creators
  • Looking for partners & collaborators
  • Expansion on web3 applications, pool, tickers, blockchain connector

Crowdsale #1 2022Q2-2022Q3

Babylonia Crowdsale #1 presentation
We kick off the project in Q1 of 2022 with a public crowdfunding The Crowdsale #1 has been delayed two times, due to lack of potential investors, also unfavorable market condition, it is now set to be on 1/May/2022 15/June.2022, 10% of total BABY tokens will be available to buy. Most of Crowdsale #1 fund generation will be spent on development of the project games and platform.
We funded the project ourselves until now, and running low on money has taught us how to run the project very lean. According to the calculation and formula, large amount of Crowdsale money will be saved as collateral for rainy days and buyback plans, to ensure the prolonged life of the project and preserving the BABY token price.
  • Last month performance analysis and updating the roadmap
  • Developing Media platforms, web3 integration + web2 --> web3 media + podcast player
  • Developing NFT platform --> creating NFT collections + web3 integration
  • Deploying the liquid pairs and starting pre-minting on BSC testnet --> postponed to 2022Q4
  • Starting beta-test of the Games 1\ Lottery --> postponed to 2023Q1
  • Website visual updates + preparations for Crowdsale #1
  • Deployments of the Games website pages on new VPS hosting
  • Games server deployments --> postponed to 2022Q4 2023
  • Creating media project + web3 integration --> postponed to 2023Q4
  • Kicking off the NFT project --> the project has been started --> in progress --> will launch in July- first week of August 2022
  • Kicking off the Crowdsale #1 with/without partners
  • Buying collaterals simultaneously with the Crowdsale #1 --> failed to accomplish
  • Extras: Updates main page 3D model
  • Extras: Unique and unified UI design in whole pages
  • Starting Developing the Lottery smart contract Games 1\ Lottery with BUSD, BNB on BSCBNB Chain
  • Developing Game I --> Babylon Jackpot --> postponed to 20223Q2

Beta Launch 2022Q4-2023Q1 2023Q4-2024Q1

  • Last phase performance analysis and updating the roadmap
  • Align the goals and assign the budget to the tasks as plan
  • Using purchased collaterals in yield-earning swaps for extra income
  • Starting beta-test of the Games I --> Lottery * [ ] Starting the IPO Project --> Postponed to 2023 * [ ] Starting the SHOP platform --> Postponed to 2023

Crowdsale #2 2023Q4-2024Q1

Babylonia Crowdsale #2 presentation
  • Allocating from sales to collateral
  • Starting the marketing campaign phase II
  • Hiring team members: 1\ web-developer backend, 2\ web-developer frontend, 3\ blockchain developer security, 4\ full-time social media promoter
  • Starting the Games 2\ Roulette with BUSD, BNB on BSC
  • Security audits of smart contract of BABY V2 token
  • Security audits of smart contracts of CHIP (CHP) & CREDIT (CRD) tokens

Open Market 2023Q4-2024Q2

  • Conversion of BABY to BABY V2
  • Starting the process of swapping BABY to BABY V2
  • Deploying the liquidity pairs on the Pancakeswap / BSC chain, starting with BABY – BNB & BABY - BUSD
  • Setting the open market price at $0.04

Main Launch 2024Q2-2024Q3

  • Deploying the minting contracts
  • Deploying the smart contracts of CHIP (CHP) & CREDIT (CRD) tokens
  • CHIP (CHP) token airdrops implementation
  • Starting the Games, 1\ Lottery & 2\ Roulette with CHIP (CHP) & CREDIT (CRD)

Expansion Plan I 2024Q2-2024Q4

  • Migration to the city base architecture, modular and independent
  • Selling lands, structure, and buildings
  • Starting of Casinos and entertainment centers
  • Introduction of private ownership
  • Implementation of 3rd party games and application

updated 16/April/2023