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I am Architect, me and my friend Bamzi started this after we have been scammed by a so called #DeFi #YieldFarming platform. We started this journey over a year ago. We had so many plans in mind, and also hurt by deceive and dark intentions of people with talent, so-called developers and programmers to con people, the community that are mostly less informed and most vulnerable. We said, “why are we not making a platform? It doesn't seem hard!!”, And I said “we make it right, we bring games, we provide real use cases, we offer transparency and honesty. Also, we make lots of money!”. So, we started gathering information and teaming up with professionals.
Unfortunately, Bamzi left the team on January 2022, fortunately for me, my dear friend, Dr. ALMA joint the team as the CMO, investor, and co-founder of the project.
What you see here is the result of daily hard work of people who spend their time & energy, and own money, to pursue their passion, to bring real use case to the crypto and give respect and transparency to community. We try to run things better and at the end of the day make an honest earning.
Soon after we get established, register the company in a crypto-friendly land, we will go with full public identification. Just give us a few months until we get things right, complete our team and get a permanent location. I thank you in advance for being with us.

Jeremiah K. (Architect), CEO & Founder Roles: Investor, designer, strategies, techinical writer, smart contracts, quality control, Twitter, GitHub
Dr. ALMA, CMO & Co-Founder Roles: Investor, strategies, marketing & promotions, NFT, Twitter
Kourosh T., CTO Roles: Managing technical team, programming backend & frontend, support & maintenance, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn
Aditya Singh, Project Manager Roles: smart contract, NFT specialist , audits, web3, May/2022-Present, Upwork, GitHub

People who has contributed/collaborated/worked to/with/for the project:
  • Philip T. (Bamzi), Co-Founding, Oct/2021-Jan/2022
  • 📐Yashar Zar., 3D design, Dec/2021-Feb/2022
  • 💻Marco Castelli, smart contract, web3, React UI, Jan/2022-Feb/2022
  • 💻Ihor Kizimenko, smart contract, web3, React UI, Feb/2022-June/2022, GitHub
  • 💻Esenzhanov Kubanychbek, web2, React UI, Jan/2022-Feb/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 📺Tahir Fazal, social media & promotion, Feb/2022, Upwork
  • 💻Emin Tatli, lottery smart contract, web3, React UI, Jan/2022-Feb/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 📺Mahedi Shariar Porosh, documents, social media, Feb/2022-Present, Twitter, Upwork
  • 💻Muhammad Bilal, React UI, three.js, Feb/2022-April/2022, GitHub, Upwork
  • 📐Harsh Dutt, 3D design, NFT design, Feb/2022, Upwork
  • 🖼️Ruslan Starkov, NFT design, Mar/2022
  • 💻Muhammad Nomair Ahsan, React UI, media project, Mar/2022-April/2022, GitHub, Upwork
  • 📺Ariful Islam Rabbi, social media research, April/2022, Upwork
  • 📺Bilal Haider, social media research, April/2022, Upwork
  • 💻Akash Das, React UI, media project, backend, April/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 💻Vaibhav Gupta, smart contract, audits, May/2022-June/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 💻Govind Umat, smart contract, audits, May/2022-Present, Upwork, GitHub
  • 📐Damian Naone, 3D design, April/2022, Upwork
  • 📐Raza Haider, 3D design, May/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 💻Santosh Singh, smart contract, Solana, audits, web3, May/2022-June/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 🎙️Matthew Stewart, voice-over project, May/2022-Present, Upwork
  • 🎙️Ju Tang, voice-over project, May/2022, Upwork
  • 💻Afraz Malik, React UI, documents, May/2022-June/2022, Upwork, GitHub
  • 💻Waleed Qureshi, smart contract, web3, React UI, June/2022, GitHub
  • 💻Shoaib Hassan, smart contract, web3, React UI, July/2022, GitHub
  • 💻Muhammad Waqas, smart contract, web3, React UI, July/2022-September,Upwork,GitHub
  • 🎙️Vivian Kato, voice-over project, August/2022, Upwork
  • 🎙️Richard Teng, voice-over project, August/2022, Fiverr
  • 💻Muzammil Ramzan, smart contract, web3, React UI, August/2022-Present,Upwork,GitHub
  • 💻Haidar Ali, web3, React UI, October/2022-November/2022,Upwork,GitHub
  • 💻Diah Elisha, smart contract, web3, React UI, November/2022-Present,Upwork,GitHub

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    This list is gathered on 26. January.2022
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    The hyperlinks may get broken over the time (if member change the username or profiles), and we will not maintain them for inactive members.
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    You may verify all the information above, but visiting previous history of the members or freelancers on the GitHub or Upwork.
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